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Iconic Fashion Designers Show Out on the Runways at Paris Fashion Week

Posted: Oct 08 2014

Paris Fashion Week has always been the highlight of the season.  Last week, Paris definitely preserved its position as the fashion capitol of the world with the breathtaking runway shows from the world’s most renowned designers.  Just in case you missed it, lets take another look at the stunning collections of 7 top designers: Hermes, Miu Miu, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Rochas, Alexander McQueen, and Valentino.



Hermes has always been a luxury label that prides itself on designing clothing that is made from the finest materials, yet are styles that a woman can wear every day. During Paris Fashion Week, Hermes showcased long tunic style tops and coats paired with skirts that had unstructured pleating. This new collection largely featured a palette of dreamy creams, soft yellows, and earthy browns. We found this collection to be sophisticated and luxurious. Even where there were lacy dresses, Hermes avoided making them frilly and girly by maintaining an air of elegance to them.



This season Miu Miu gravitated towards a look that was both playful and ladylike. We love the soft feminine hourglass silhouette with a defined waist seen throughout the collection. On the runway Miu Miu presented a collection that was a collage of knit textures, plaids, frills, and ruffles. Everything about this collection boasts of a magnetic socialite personality with pencil skirts, modern coats, ruffled blouses, and knit dresses. Miu Miu definitely sought to be unapologetically flirty and feminine this season.



Balmain definitely stole the spotlight this season at Paris Fashion Week with their futuristic runway designs!  We absolutely adore this largely monochromatic Spring collection that consisted of edgy geometric cutouts, grid-like designs, and silhouettes that we can only describe as galactic!  Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow dominated the color palette along with crisp whites and true blacks. Balmain’s Spring collection is nothing short of sexy, provocative, and bold!



Louis Vuitton graced the runways with a beautifully designed collection that consisted of luxurious casual styles that were stunning on the runway, yet perfect for every day wear. The models sported looks that had a hint of seventies inspiration which included high waisted jeans, cropped pants, lace dresses, velvet jackets, leather skirts, knit sweaters, peplums, knee-high boots, and chunky heels. To put it simply, it was refreshing to see Louis Vuitton put out a collection that was poetic, and practical for today’s modern woman.



There was something ethereal about Alexander McQueen’s ready to wear runway collection! Heavily inspired by Japanese fashion, the collection paired geisha floral prints with leathers, ruffles, chiffon,  and gladiator sandals.  The models appeared ceremonious in this fierce and dramatic collection.  Black, cherry red, white, and pastel pink dominated the color palette along with A-line silhouettes, some of which featured a defined waistline.  Many of the dresses were designed with cage style bodices, contributing to the edgy vibe Alexander McQueen brought to the runway this season.



This season Rochas captivated fashion week goers with nostalgic doll-like designs on the runway.  Somehow this collection seems suspended in time, where Rochas perfectly pieced together vintage elements with innocent and soft feminine looks.  This season the color palette mainly consisted of colonial whites, beiges, and black. The runway models appeared to be virginal in long dresses made with either lace or embroidery that had tightly buttoned up collars, and socks worn with Mary Janes.  The use of revealing skin bearing sheer fabrics still didn’t lessen the purity of the collection, but rather magnified its doll-like feminine charm.



This season Valentino designed a collection that seemed to tell the story of a woman on a journey for self discovery.  The collection featured several designs that allowed for freedom of movement, perfect for a traveling woman on the go.  We absolutely love the paisley prints, the eyelet white and pastel dresses, and the soft ruffled maxi dresses!  There is just something romantic and dreamy about this collection with its breezy day dresses, laid back button down shirts, lightweight knits, and bohemian tunics. There were so many other equally phenomenal runway collections showcased during Paris Fashion Week, we could talk about them for days!  What were some of your favorite collections?  Which collections could you see yourself wearing next Spring?



By: Meg Kline

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