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Get The Scoop: Behind the Scenes at Our First Fashion Shoot

Posted: Apr 23 2015


We know how much you love Terminology, so we thought it was about time that you got the inside gossip from our first photo shoot and a sneak peek at how we create the fabulous images that you see all over Are you ready for an AAA-pass to all things Terminology? Read on to discover more…

Where did it all go down?

It was early December when team Terminology grabbed all the vintage fashion treats you now see on the website and headed over to photographer Chris Charles’ studio in Apex, North Carolina. The plan was to shoot everything and create a series of stunning shots with which to launch Terminology. We hope you’ll agree that we nailed it!

How long did it take?

It was a pretty major day – we started shooting around 9am and didn’t finish till after 7pm. I think the best way to sum it up was with the words of my best friend, and creative director for the shoot, Javon Tinsley. He wasn’t kidding when he told me the night before the shoot: “no girl you will not be going to sleep”. Boy, was he right!







Tell us a bit about the team.

This was a really great team to work with. Everything went so smoothly!

I fell in love with the work of our hair & make-up artist, Stephanie Sevilla, owner of The Makeup Culture and told Javon – I need to have her for my shoot! Thankfully Stephanie was free and quickly our little creative team started to grow.


Next up were our gorgeous models, Jenn Ryan, who I found through Chris Charles and Nhi Vu, who I found through a friend. Their fitting was a breeze with plenty of time to send snaps of the looks we wanted to shoot over to the rest of the team.



For me, the most important thing was communication before the shoot. I wanted to make sure we got everything perfect on the day!

And last, but by no means least was our awesome photographer, Chris Charles, owner of Creative Silence. His work has been featured in huge magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vogue Italia and even British Vogue – it was huge that he was joining the team!

What was your favorite item from the shoot?

It’d have to be the Catherine Ogust Forever Dress! It’s just $68 and would look so gorgeous this summer. If you’re quick, you can still snap it up in our store by clicking here.


Any tips for anyone else planning a fashion shoot?

So many people don’t realize just how much goes into a shoot like this and how much work everyone puts into making these beautiful images. That’s why we wanted to let all the fans of Terminology in on the experience. The planning before hand was so important. It’s definitely not the glamorous job you’d imagine! Be prepared to get stuck in, wear comfy shoes and be ready for anything. In addition to the shoot itself, we also had to pack and unpack the car of steamers, mannequins, clothing and so much more. It’s hard work, but so worth it!


Any last words?

I am just so thankful for this team and them helping make my dream come true and my vision to come to life! - Latasha x


Don’t forget to check out our Behind the Scenes video to see the shoot for yourself!


What did you make of our photo shoot? Do you love the pictures as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below!


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